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Captains Log,
Date: 2009-03-30
Ship: “Needle”, Jaguar Class Assault Ship
Location: Groothese 

it has been a few days since i’ve ended my work for the sisters of eve. When i started working for them i thought i was going todo something great for good people – off course i was a bit suspicious about their religious background – i mean we can see where that leads if you have a look at the Amarr Empire and what they have done to our ancestors.

The truth is, the end of the whole story, crossed with my experience with the sleepers has left a few scars on my mind, i have trouble sleeping at night, beeing haunted by dark dreams of sleeper drones which are controlled by the weapon dagan used. I seriously hope he did not give it to the Sisters of Eve.

More and more people are going on expeditions, most have met sleepers, and just a hand full of ’em makes it back in the body they used to get in there. Those who come back sometimes bring advanced technology with them, stuff that gets reverse egineered by coperations all over new eden. Those parts have brought us a new kind of cruisers – their strategic cruisers – and their the first kind of technology that got rated tech level 3. Those strategic cruisers seem to be superior even to advanced cruisers like heavy assault ships, they are better armored, better armed, faster and alot more customizeable to fit their role in a fleet. Maybe this will be the weapon we need to survive the next years.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo


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