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Captains Log
Date: 2009-03-25
Ship: “Suprise Bean”, Jaguar Class Assault Ship 
Location:  Arnon

Immu Asaka told me that Sister Alitura had requested my return to their Station in Arnon. He gave me a transponder saying he wants to be sure that i make it home safely. He also had some real nice words for a goodbye, telling me that if i seek it in future there would be a place in the caldari state for me.

When i arrived in Arnon Sister Alitura immediatly asked me to evacuate a station of theirs which looks like the target of a rogue drone swarm which is building up close by.

I arrived at the station right on time, a few seconds after me getting in the drone swarm started attacking. And hell, this was the largest swarm of drones ive seen so far – about 25 mostly light drones. I managed to shoot down quite a few of them while approaching the station, but i decided to leave as soon as i had the personel of the station on board – not need to take a risk with all those civilians on board.

Sister Alitura was charming as ever when i brought the refugees to her – claiming i wouldnt do this out of charity but for her ridiculous rewards. To be honest i still dont get her problem, and frankly if it wasnt for all the people that are in need of the work im doing i wouldnt want to work for her.

Her next assignment for me is to go to a System near Guristas space named Atlangeins to pick up some holo reels with intel on the drones.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo


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