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Captains Log
Date: 2009-03-25
Ship: “Suprise Bean”, Jaguar Class Assault Ship 
Location:  Harerget

A few hours of sleep ought to be enough for everyone,
with the minimal set of awake people in the crew i brought the ship to Harerget – you dont need that many people awake in secure empire space.

After arriving in Harerget i met up with Delphine Xarasier who informed me that all their drones in Harerget had stopped to respond and asked me to investigate a few coordinates. At those coordinates i run into Duvolle Laboratory drones which had turned rogue – and was engaged by ’em. After destroying the drones i was able to retrieve some components from one of the wrecks. 
I brought those components back to the CreoDron Station so they could analyse the remains.

When i came back Delphine Xarasier asked me to do a fast deliver of some antibiotics to a pretty fresh founded colonoy.  There had been a transport which should have done that – however it never reached its target – rogue drone intervention suspected. 

I was able to make the delivery and come back without any trouble, but when i came back i had to learn that one of the leading researchers who where working on the components i brought had been kidnapped by serpentis corporation.

Delphine Xarasier then send me out to destroy a serpentis station and all of the guards, before their transport with doctor Aspasia Castilel arrives. I pretty much made it all in time, but the transport immediatly run when it came in and saw what i had done. Unable to pursuit i turned back to the station.

At the CreoDron  station i learned that some CreoDron ship had been able to intercept the transport, but both ships had been destroyed in the process. I then went to investigate if there was anything of value to retrieve from the wreckage, we where hoping for Doctor Castilles notes.

Turned out that the Arch Angels, who have a defense contract with Serpentis, where allready there guarding the wreck – however i managed to destroy them all and get the notes that where indeed still on board of said wreck.

After comming back to the station Delphine Xarasier asked me to deliver secret data to one of her caldari friends named Immuri Asaka, living in a system named Hatakani in Caldari space.

Somehow i had hoped my encounter with Delphine Xarasier would have answered a few of the questions i have, but it seems as if it opened more new ones. What is turning those drones roque? What is Serpentis involvement with this? I tried to talk with her about the so called Sleepers that i met in uncharted space, maybe there is a connection, but she just gave me a confused look.

Time to check Hatakani.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo


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