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Captains Log
Date: 2009-04-07
Ship: “Needle”, Jaguar Class Assault Ship
Location: Groothese 

After i was off for some vacation i found a message in my systems computer when i came back. The Message, send by Paurwaert Assaron, whom i never heard of before, had a content like this:

2009.04.05 16:38

I am in need of your services, Captain Corbulo, for a very special mission.


Please come meet me at Mannar V – Moon 17 – Bank of Luminaire Investment Bank as soon as possible if you’re interested.  This mission is of utmost importance to the Gallente Federation, and would not go unnoticed in the world.


I have uploaded the mission details into your NeoCom journal.


With regards,

Paurwaert Assaron

curious about what the Federation might want me todo i made my way to mannar,  my guesses – after my recent adventures – was that they needed me cause of my experiences with rogue drones – however it turned out they wanted to do a boring courier job, fetching some transaction / salary logs from the nearby starsystem of olide.

Im not sure what to make of this, this is the second time that someone approached me with an “important mission” and it turned out to be boring courier stuff – makes me wonder about what unimportant missions would be.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo


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Captains Log,
Date: 2009-03-26
Ship: “Suprise Bean”, Jaguar Class Assault Ship
Location: Manarq

The Plan was simple – an amarr combat group would clear the path for me, and my objective would be to get in, destroy Dagan’s Ship and deliver him to Lear Evanus.

When i reached Dagans hideout the amarr combat group had taken out most of his escort, most of the survivors where allready fleeing with the amarr ships right behind them.

Dagans ship was a tough cruiser, i never had seen one of those before. It looked a bit like the jovian shuttles you see from time to time, and my computer identified it as arch angel deadspace design.

It appeared to be shield tanked, and my artillery which was slamming one round after another into him did not do as much damage as i was used to. Whenever my crew was reloading the guns he was able to regain large portion of his shields, the fight seemed to be endless. 

I was allready cursing cause i had not changed to a bigger ship when i knew this fight was comming when one of my crew members finally had the breaking idea – he had found some EMP S somewhere, and after we switched ammo and engagement distance seemed to work. Not beeing used to EMP S it took me a while to adjust to the right speed and distance, but finnaly i started hitting his structure, and thirty minutes after the fight had started his ship became history.

I scooped his escape pod and brought Dagan then to the commander of the amarr combat group, who then told me the sisters had requested that i should bring him to one of their convoys.

When i reached the convoys location i got a strange transmission by Sister Alitura, asking me to place him in the prison transport and not to take any action no matter what i would see. She also called me friend what raised my suspicions even more.

She then repeated “do not fire”. im not sure what that was all about, but after i transfered Dagan to the Prison Transport she contacted me and told me to return to the amarr commander – she also said that my actions show that there might be a future for “my kind”, whatever that means.

She and her Sisters of Eve are feeling more creepy the more i know of them.

I returned to Lear Evans to debrief, he gave me a short speech about how i  have proven myself a usefull capsuleer and an ally to the amarr people and her Empress Sarum.

After all of this i think i am going to head to my home in groothese now, with a few questions left open, and about  4075 rounds of ammo less then when i started this journey.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo

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Captains Log
Date: 2009-03-15
Location: Groothese

It has been a few days since i came home – still i cant get the memories of those Drones out of my head.
when i came back i did read reports about ’em, all over new eden there are wormholes, and each of ’em is 
attracting people like me, capsuleers seeking for isk, fun or just being curious are doing their very own expeditions
to whats called “w-space” now. Most of them who return (and not all do) have encountered those drones,
sleepers as they are called. 

Going through the reports it looks like my crew was lucky, we run into a system with pretty week infestation,
others have been reporting sleeper drones in battleship sizes which are able to tear appart whole carriers.

I was able to sell the loot i got to some scientific corporation. They did not pay very well, but i seriously
hope they will be able to forge some weapons from it.
Those sleepers are a serious thread – not only for those who seek adventure in those wormholes.
Imagine what happens when they find out about the wormholes,
imagine what they can do to all of us then.
I do not know if we are ready to face this thread with the 4 empires of man still fighting
their ridiculous wars against eachother.

For my part, i will work on getting better weapons,
i will prepare myself,
i will be on more expeditions in those systems
to learn how we can win this.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo

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