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Captains Log
Date: 2009-04-07
Ship: “Needle”, Jaguar Class Assault Ship
Location: Groothese 

After i was off for some vacation i found a message in my systems computer when i came back. The Message, send by Paurwaert Assaron, whom i never heard of before, had a content like this:

2009.04.05 16:38

I am in need of your services, Captain Corbulo, for a very special mission.


Please come meet me at Mannar V – Moon 17 – Bank of Luminaire Investment Bank as soon as possible if you’re interested.  This mission is of utmost importance to the Gallente Federation, and would not go unnoticed in the world.


I have uploaded the mission details into your NeoCom journal.


With regards,

Paurwaert Assaron

curious about what the Federation might want me todo i made my way to mannar,  my guesses – after my recent adventures – was that they needed me cause of my experiences with rogue drones – however it turned out they wanted to do a boring courier job, fetching some transaction / salary logs from the nearby starsystem of olide.

Im not sure what to make of this, this is the second time that someone approached me with an “important mission” and it turned out to be boring courier stuff – makes me wonder about what unimportant missions would be.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo


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