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Captains Log
Date: 2009-03-25
Ship: “Suprise Bean”, Jaguar Class Assault Ship 
Location:  Hatakani

Immu Asaka seems to be a decent person – at least hes the first agent in this who shows respect right from the start.

He told me they have the same drone problems here but managed to contain some in a deadspace pocket. He asked me to check out if containment still holds and told me not to get engaged with the security forces containing the drones.

When i arrived at the deadspace pocket i found a gigantic drone hive, a drone bunker and several small drones in the open, also 6 caldari navy battleships which seemed to be the security forces Immu Asaka was talking about.

It is obvious that the battleships are not the right way to contain such small drones – lacking the support of smaller ships with guns that can track the drones their rather vulnerable.

I reported my observations back to Immu Asaka, who seemed to be concerned by what i told him. He asked me to go to Chainelant and contact someone name Nachi Koruda to get more information about the commander of the containment forces and why he seems to be not knowing what he does.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo


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