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Captains Log
Date: 2009-03-25
Ship: “Suprise Bean”, Jaguar Class Assault Ship 
Location:  Arnon

When i arrived at the Outpost it was allready under attack by a bunch of pirates, i managed to fight ’em off whithout much trouble. 

Nebben Centrien then contacted me, claiming he can get me in contact with the damsels cook. He said he would need access to a terminal on a safe station for that. I picked him up from his shuttle – thinking it might be more safe to travel in my Assault Ship.

I brought him back to the Sisters of Eve Station here in Arnon, there he provided information about the location of the ships cook, Aubrei Azil. It seems as if this guy is on a new assignment allready, and Sister Alitura is right – this smells, 3 of the survivors found so far, and all three are allready in a new assignment?
Also the Datacore i found looks alot like a rogue drone datacore.. what the hell is going on here?

Anyways, we have decided to follow this lead (read: i have to follow it) in hope to find out more about who is behind this.

The coordinates i got are here in Arnon again, so lets get moving.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo


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