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Captains Log
Date: 2009-03-25
Ship: “Suprise Bean”, Jaguar Class Assault Ship 
Location:  Arnon

While i was on my last assignment the Sisters of Eve managed to find what they call a key survivor – Tahaki Karin, the engineer of the damsel.

I launched immediatly, Sister Alitura and me are both expecting this to give another fight, and this might be a true lead – who besides the engineer might know what caused the explosion? 

I begin to understand why the Sisters of Eve need pilots that desperate – it looks like something realy big is going on, and they havent managed to look behind the curtain – yet.

When i arrived at the location of the engineers ship there was only a wreckage left. Luckily Tahaki Karin survived – the Ships wreck was still under attack by rogue drones so i did an emergency rescue while destroying a few of those drones.

Back at the station i handed Tahaki Karin to Sister Alitura. The Sister then told me that i shouldnt worry they would keep Concord in the loop – however looking at Tevis Jaks strange behaviour earlier i am not sure if this doesnt mean for me to worry even more.

Sister Alitura is sending me to Harerget in Gallente space now to find someone named Delphine Xarasier, the daughter of some creodron chief  researcher – those guys should know a bit about drones. 

Im quite happy with the combat performance of my jaguar so far, but depending on the information that Delphine Xarasier will hopefully provide me i might make some modifications to this ships fitting.

No matter how important this looks, i might take a few hours break now. While my pod is pumping tons of chemicals through my body to keep me high alerted and awake my crew member seem to be tired from that much combat, so ill allow them some rest.

End of Log,
Captain Corbulo


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